Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Awesome Room 16 Team!!

Today we took some final class photos for the year, as well as some pics in the playground with our friends. Here they are:

Xmas on the Beach!!!

Hot sun, sand burning our feet, fizzy drink, popcorn and christmas crakers - what could be better?? Perhaps a real beach, but we did our best and had our christmas beach party in the sandpit today. It was very hot so it was a great day for the beach.

Early Maori Inquiry

This term we have been finishing off our inquiry into Early Maori. We decided that we would share our learning by making posters. Each poster had to include a title, a sub title, two pictures and two text boxes. Here are the fabulous results.

By Max and George

By Sophia and Niamh B

By Caitlin and Palm

By Emily and Swastik

By Jake and Will

By Ben and Te

By Niamh M and Emma

By Chloe and Bella

By Ashley and Olivia

By Charles and Kahn

By Jordyn, Bradley and Finn

Monday, December 12, 2011

Catch Up TIme!!

Ok so we haven't updated the blog in a wee while so here is the latest Room 16 antics.

Last week was Book Week. On Wednesday we had the book parade. Everyone came to school dressed as their favourite book characters and they all looked great!! We had Santa, fairy's, witches, Zac Power, Harry Potter, Robin Hood, Slinky Malinki, super heroes and much more! Clifford the Dog made an appearance at the parade. It was fun. We had a "best dressed" competition in our class. Here are some pics of us in our outfits.

Best Dressed Girls
Best Dressed Boys

Today was celebration day and we had a christmas magic show from El Gregoe. He was very funny and he had two birds and a giant bunny as part of his magic tricks. Jake and Bella got to go up and help with the tricks. Jake got a balloon animal and he had one of the real birds on his head!! It was a cool show.

Today we also we had a giant bouncy obstacle course at school. We all got a turn on it this afternoon and all of whero house got to play on it at lunch time. It was good fun racing eachother through the tunnels and down the slides.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A & P Fun!!!

On Wednesday the whole junior school went to the Canterbury A & P show!! Miss Archbold had a rough night at the after hours doctors and was very disappointed about having to miss her favourite trip of the year. Nevertheless, Miss Davies did a wonderful job covering for Miss A, along with some of our wonderful parents. The class had a great time watching the horses, seeing woodchopping, shearing, viewing farm animals, climbing on awesome farm machinery and becoming country kids for the day. Even the rain held off until everyone was back at school. A big thanks to Vicki and Cindy for the great photos.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Celebrate!!

Go the All Blacks!! Yesterday after school Miss Woods and I hoofed it down to Bealey Ave to join the 50,000 other Cantabrians waiting to see the All Blacks. We must have had good luck on our side because we got a spot right up the front. As the trucks went past I got to shake hands with Mills Muliaina, Keven Mealamu, Adam Thomsom, Richard Kahui, Cory Flynn, Ali Williams and Graham Henry!!! It was very, very exciting. Here are some of the photos that I took from our spot.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holiday Antics

This is where I'm staying during my holidays! Down the hill by the water is my brother's house and I have come to stay along with my sister Anna and my cousin Nick. He is 11 and he goes to Halswell School. We have been tailing some lambs today. That's when you take their tails off to stop them getting dags and getting sick when they get older. We have lots more lambs to do during the rest of the week. If you are doing something fun these holidays then send me some pics and I'll put them on the blog too. Happy holidays!

Anna and Nick at the beginning of the very long driveway.

The system for quickly feeding the pet lambs.

This is Earl, Munter and Zoe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Certificates - Week 10

There was no Year 2 assembly in the last week of term but that didn't stop us giving two wonderful Room 16 super stars a certificate. Congratulations girls.

Caitlin - Achievment in Sports Education (Market Day)
Bella - Values Award

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last 3 Days of Term

The last 3 days of this term have been crazy but also a lot of fun. On Wednesday we shared some of our learning in the classroom, and then we had a concert to share our learning in Te Reo Kori. Room 3 welcomed everyone into the hall with a haka powhiri and then sung a waiata. This was followed by Room 10 with folk dancing, Room 15 with Poi, Room 16 with more waiata and Room 13 with rakau (stick games). The children performed wonderfully. Thanks to the family and friends who came along to watch.

On Thursday we finished off our Sports Education for the term with our fundraising Market Day. All teams have been working very hard over the last few weeks making posters, signs and products to sell at the market. We were originally only going to invite Room 15 to come to the market, but after counting up all of the items for sale on Thursday morning we ended up being able to invite 4 other classes! The market was a great success with nearly all products selling out. The teams all made over $100 (of pretend money). The Chipmunks topped off their very sucessfull term by raising $158. Well done to all the teams and thank you to all the parents for the yummy baking donations.

We finished the term on Friday with a trip to Clip n Climb. Everyone (Miss A included) had a great time climbing the different walls and overcoming fears of falling and heights. Thank you to the parents who drove us there. Once again, your help was very much appreciated. Here are some pics from the trip.

Finally on Friday afternoon we had a popcorn party and said goodbye to Oliver. Oliver and his family are off to Wellington for a year. We have loved having Oliver in Room 16 this year and we are really going to miss him next term. We wish him and his family the best of luck for their time in Wellington and we hope they will be back at St Albans School in the future.